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    Name: Kai

    Appearance: Kai's hair is dark, black, short, spiky, and points up. He has brown skin from playing out in the sun all the time and being hit by electric attacks. His eyes are ocean blue and his height is 5'4. Kai often wears a short red scarf around his neck with a white pokeball symbol in the middle. Often wears blue jean shorts that are two inches below his knees because he finds pants restricting. He has a pair of red and black running shoes that help him run around the island as long as he wants. The shoe's body is black,but the laces and bottoms are red. He wears a black wristband on his right arm and will often be seen wearing a black shirt that has a red "X" across the front and back.

    Personality: "Kai is a fool" is the statement one will often hear the most if they ask about the nature of Kai. Kai loves to do things without always thinking them out a better plan. Always running towards his goals at full speed, Kai will not idly stand by when he gets excited and wants to do something. His intentions are always meant to be helpful, but he often runs into so many things that he winds up messing them up. While others find Kai annoying because of his running and rushing ways they do know he has a good heart and the best intentions. That's why they continue to put up with his shenanigans. Kai is always competing with himself but never refuses a challenge from others. Somewhat prideful, Kai will always set himself up for the win.

    History: Kai was born and raised on Cinnabar Island by his brother Jackson who was known for being a great Poke-Athlete. However, Jackson was a bit of a nut and started to take his training from his prized Pokemon Infernape and applied it to Kai at the age of seven. At first Kai was very confused and refused the training; but it was through persuasion from Close combats from both Jackson and his Infernape, he began training. Jackson always complained that Kai had no stamina and so he made Kai run around the island from the morning till the afternoon to improve it. Kai had no room to disagree and so every day for the next two years he would wake up when the sun arose and run around the island till the sunset. During his training, Kai would makes stops along the way to help people of the island that needed help. He felt faster and thus he thought he could get jobs done quicker. However, due to that intense training during those years, he had gained almost no control over his speed which caused many problems when helping the islanders. One particular case was when an islander needed his helping finding a wild Pokemon that was tearing up her house's floorboards, Kai immediately started running around the house and removing the floorboards. As he was ruining the woman's house even further he fell down a hole and found a wild Gible. The Gible immediately attacked him with bite but Kai was fast enough to guard, but still got bitten on the arm. Kai and Gible then battled each other in terms of strength and speed, with Kai winning only the latter. After Gible became tired from battling, Kai threw one of the 16 Heavy Balls he was forced to carry as part of his stamina training and captured Gible. Since her capture, Kai has brought Gible along to train her speed and stamina which created a closer bond which is shown through Gible's act of always biting Kai on the arm as a sign of affection. Kai continued to enjoy his life with his brother and Gible on Cinnabar Island, until his brother was approached by a mysterious figure. Kai was curious about the mysterious figure and his brother's conversation and so he started to eavesdrop. Though his eavesdropping he found out that his brother was being offered a spot on a mysterious council in order to stop a force known as Team Plasma. Kai's brother refused the offer for he felt that his Pokemon were not in any condition to fight in any rebellion or wars. The mysterious figure began to leave in a huff, but before he could go Kai offered his services to the man. Both Kai's brother and the mysterious man laughed at him before the man disappeared. Felling rejected and neglected, Kai decided to find this mysterious man and make him pay for underestimating him. He decided he would go against the mysterious man and join whatever the "Team Plasma" thing was. He left his Gible at Cinnabar Island so that she would not get caught up in his petty grudge match against a man he didn't even know. Gible sighed and waved off her master as he made his way to where the mysterious man had headed. Before leaving to this unknown place, Kai asked his brother where this place was. His brother gave him a map and a pass to a boat that would take him to the place he desired to go. With all that he needed Kai set off to join Team Plasma.

    Sample Post: Necro's journey: While Necro waited for a response from the others, a hell-spawn jumped in the air and knocked him out. Necro soon awoke two days later and found the cafe empty. "Where did everyone go?" questions Necro. Leon tugs on his master's clothes and points in the forest direction. "Alright, I may have failed in trying to round the troops, but I know I can help now! By the power of Ursaring I will find them and help them save the cat." Necro dashes off into the forest. Leon quickly follows after him. When Necro finally speeds through the forest, he finds it in ruins. "There must have been a pretty harsh battle. I wonder where the others are? I hope they weren't apart of this chaos. But if they were, that would leave me alone. If I'm alone then that means I have to rely on my own power. In other words, I am about to die to whatever creature did this." he sighs and puts his head on the ground. While felling sorry for himself, Leon jumps onto Necro's shoulder. After Necro realizes he still has Leon he cheers up. The two get off the ground and move forward into the forest.

    As the two are walking they come across a camp site. The two partners investigate the area carefully. The look at the leaves that were used as a bed, some sticks that had been burned and used for firewood, and flowers. Leon deduced that the others had set up camp about two hours ago and then left. "Good work, Leon" compliments Necro. Leon then points to the tracks that have been left on the ground by another Pokemon. The duo begin to follow the tracks. As they walk along the path made of tracks, they also find blood around the area. Necro again fears that the others are dead. When they finally reach the end of the tracks, they both run into a tree. The two dazed by the tree, inadvertently walks through the entrance. When they look up they see the tree is flourished and beautiful. Necro is hypnotized and falls into a pitfall. Leon jumps in after him. When Necro finally hits the floor, Leon hits his head. "Leon, watch where you're going next time." scoffs Necro. "Chimchar, chim!" says Leon.

    "I was watching where I was going. I just got distracted."

    "Chimchar, chim."

    "What do you mean 'Like I said'? I was distracted! You could have changed your course."


    "Don't make you angry, don't make me angry!" the two squabble. Leon uses Flamewheel, as Necro puts up a Rock Shield. The ramp of the shield launches Leon up, then he comes down with the same speed. Leon releases an Ember. Necro creates another shield above him, but must use the shield that was in front of him. With that the Ember is blocked, but Leon now shoots another Ember from in front of Necro.

    Necro is thrown into a plant and on the verge of being eaten. "Leon, help, help, help!" screams Necro. Leon sees his master in danger and uses Ember to burn the plant. Necro embraces his partner in a hug and apologizes for all the trouble. "Now that's over, let's find the others." the duo walk around the tree. The tree seems to be a maze to them. After going around in circles for about three hours, they quickly scream. "We can't find a way out!" and then a vine falls down in front of them. "Lucky us, now we can use the vine and go to the top. I bet the others are up there. It is obvious they aren't down here." Necro and Leon grab the vine and climb up. When they reach the top, they see that it once held a battle arena. The arena has been bashed apart and there are claw and fang marks everywhere. Leon and Necro put their detective hats on, which they just happen to find in the maze, and search for clues. They each examine fine points from the area then share their results.

    "Chimchar, chim, char, chim chim."

    "I agree that there was a battle and the others won it through the use of beast like powers. This makes me conclude that they also have an alter-ego like my Exodia. In other words we are all linked in someway. However, while we know they 'were' here, where are they now?" the two ponder. As they think, a small piece of light hits them in the face. The two put their heads together and go outside the tree. A red leaf falls from the tree and starts to be blown away by the wind. Leon and Necro, believing it to be a clue to the others, follow the leaf. They each run and run after the leaf, showing no signs of stopping. They chase the leaf even when the sun goes down.

    When the leaf finally hits the ground, the two find themselves on Cinnabar Island. "Leon, how did we get all the way to an island?" "Chimchar, chim?" "So you don't either. I hope we will find the others here. However, how did we start chasing a freakin' leaf for that long. Are we on drugs?" questions Necro. As they look around for answers a flyer hits Necro in the face. "Festival of Fire, sounds like my type of think, after all Leon is a fire-type." Necro goes around and ask where to find the festival. A jester points him to the ship that is already starting to go. Necro smirks and puts Leon on his shoulder. He manipulates the ground below and creates a surfboard. He then uses his the board to follow after the ship. The chase for the ship continues..."Don't worry guys, I will help get the cat girl back!"

    Password: Unovan Path all with pokemon

    Allegiance: Plasma
    Diamond FC: 3437-1003-4345
    SoulSilver FC: 3610-3513-7456
    White FC: 5200-1735-1142

    Full Power comes from their hearts!
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