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Lucas sees that Scyther held out it's blade to shake and make up. It was weird, as this creature almost wanted to kill Lucas and Heracross a while ago, and now it's putting everything behind it. It made Lucas think about the bullies back in Pewter City and how they never showed this kind of humble nature, even the Pokemon they controlled never showed sympathy towards Lucas either. Lucas snapped out of it and saw his two Pokemon looking up at him from the ground. He nodded in agreement towards them and reached out for the top of the blade, as do Aipom and Heracross. Once Scyther's blade, Lucas's hand, Aipom's tail and Heracross's horn all connected, they shook them. As their sign of peace. Lucas turned to Seth and asked him once more, 'Do you still have my hat and goggles? And do you want any help training here?'
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