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    Originally Posted by Jambo51 View Post
    No listen to me, it's a more fundamental change than that. It's down to repointing vars/flags to a completely new memory location. If you use the in game save (which you should all be doing, because savestates cause bugs!), the game refuses to load your save. If you go round it using savestates, don't expect help from us when it inevitably breaks!

    One final time, a beta 3.1 save is in No way usable on beta 3.2. Stop asking if it is possible, and stop advising people that it is, because it is NOT
    I know my original post didn't state clearly what I meant (as I was editing the same version of that ROM to get into unreachable areas of the map to - well - map, not changing versions). I have played around in a map editor and know some of the functions in it, and how to move scripts and sprites around, and change where one can walk (things I would typically use to fix bugs), and even change weather and map names, not to mention find all sorts of useful items for writing walkthroughs if I take that upon myself. I'm presently making map-based corrections in that hack as I find them (while writing a walkthrough) and may propose having the changes released sometime when I'm finished. So my prior comment comes from that experience.

    So for what I really meant to ask here. If a player saves the game (using the in-game save) while inside a Pokémon Center, will it not be read in 3.2 and lead them back outside to the correct map?

    (As a disclaimer, I always create a new save state after saving in-game. Save states have never caused me bugs, but in-game saves periodically will fix any such bugs by reloading the game that way. That's my experience, and I've never heard of bugs caused by savestates in the same version of the same hack. Even fixing maps, I have to reload the game to load the changes, but my emulator always resumes right where I left off and loads the change from that state.)

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