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    -Heroes Loft-
    "I spar, eat, encourage romance between two dumbfounded souls who DON'T GET IT ALONG FURTHER ALREADY!" He shouts outside towards Avaith and Mello's direction before facing back to Spirit. "... And when I get a chance, I watch T.V. at the pokemon centers and watch the pokemon tournament matches... If your looking for something to do, we can spar... Or we can go spy on Jack and see what he has in mind." Jev then got up and made his way toward s the hotel, looking back at Spirit. "You coming?"

    Shadoan looked at their tent, then back to the hotel. He looked down at his key and sighed, looking at Irek and his team. "Light, Stella, Ulla Return..." He sucked up his team back to their pokeballs as he looked around for Jev who seemed to have disappeared on him. "Irek, Where's Jev?" Irek looked around as he saw the bug scuttle towards the hotel. "The same Direction
    Jack is heading towards." Shadoan picks up his things and begins his trek towards the hotel, looming over Heroes Loft.

    Avaith looked up to Flare and frowned a little in disgust. "Your just another idiot then." He sat back and curled up into his bed and sighed as he closed his eyes. "The only reason she was dancing around a new mate is because you haven't gone over to talk to her or at least greeted her back to the world. If what you said is true, the least you could have done is say you love her when she hatched and give her a lick or kiss, no matter what form she's in." He then glares at Flare a little from his position. "If she's really done something horrible, you should at least let her apologize or you should, whoever is at fault... And don't give me any complicated crap saying 'She betrayed me at something something battle,' I don't care, just talk to her..."


    As the sandstorm raged on, the zombie victims were unscathed, though the storm halted their progress as they slowly fainted, one by one due to the damage. When the sandstorm died, there were only a handful of zombies left, slowly marching toward the boys and their barrier. Once more, the eerire whistle howled above the trees as the fainted rose once more, however the same whistle sounded a little different in tune as the zombies halted and began to hobble away, retreating slowly into the forest as the vanished from plain sight. Looking around, their attackers had vanished as a red Hitmonlee lands from the sky out of nowhere, hitting the ground as if he was landing from a long jump. The red Hitmonlee had a green bandanna tied around its arm as he looked through the woods from its position. "GAH! I KNEW THEY WERE HERE! WHERE ARE THEY!!!" He shouted out loud as he kicked a small rock far out into the mountains. "I WAS SO CLOSE!" The pokemon then fire kicked a tree, cutting it down and knocking it over while he kicked it again into the ocean. "The elites are not going to like thiiiiiiiiis..." He turns back around to see two boys in their barrier as he walked towards them. "COME ON OUT! They're gone..." He paused a moment and held up a hand before they could ask him any questions. "If this is your first time to Lethia, know all of this leagues pokemon officers can talk. I'm here to keep the peace and keep you from getting killed to the best of my ability. You can't count on us to come by to save you all the time."

    -Standing Grace-

    As The boat came into port. Howls could be heard over the small village as a full moon hung in the sky. "Standing Grace, To all trainers aboard, Welcome to Lethia and its only known human settlement"

    Note: Technically, the main group has been staying awake for some time now through the night, so I'm declaring the day has passed and its currently midnight. to all Current Role playing players I...

    -Welcome you to DAY 5 OF SURVIVAL!-
    I know I said jobs would refresh by the end of IC's week, but for the heck of it, I'm hitting refresh on all jobs for the sake of HALLOWEEN! All jobs are now HORROR SURVIVAL with a few others mixed in. :3 The bounty job will be changed to hunting down Team Aqua and Magma Trainers.

    -Horror Challenge- Night at the Hotel:
    This is kind of brand new and unplanned. Heroes Loft will be haunted tonight by ghost pokemon, causing mischief while more violent ones cause mayhem that can cause death. Can the main group survive tonight?
    For our new arrival in Lethia, We have a horror mission for you as well that was planned, step out of the docks in your next post and prepare to fight in it.

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