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    Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
    So for what I really meant to ask here. If a player saves the game (using the in-game save) while inside a Pokémon Center, will it not be read in 3.2 and lead them back outside to the correct map?
    No, it won't. The game will simply delete the save file as soon as it gets to the continue menu, or at least, it certainly won't load it. The old save and the new save are fundamentally incompatible, this was what I was trying to explain, but it's hard to explain why without resorting to showing you guys the ASM code behind it.

    Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
    (As a disclaimer, I always create a new save state after saving in-game. Save states have never caused me bugs, but in-game saves periodically will fix any such bugs by reloading the game that way. That's my experience, and I've never heard of bugs caused by savestates in the same version of the same hack. Even fixing maps, I have to reload the game to load the changes, but my emulator always resumes right where I left off and loads the change from that state.)

    It can happen. I've seen cases where a savestate has changed the value of a variable, which is why I advocate using the in game save so strongly. And in the case of RSE, it completely breaks the PRNG's functionality (because it never gets reseeded - it's only reseeded on game startup - whereas FR's is reseeded on every use). My point is, it's unreliable (at best) and, where possible, you should rely on the intended save feature, the in game save.

    Also, apologies for losing it a bit earlier, but when you have to explain the same thing for the zillionth time, it does tend to get a bit frustrating.
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