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    Hihi, everyone! I'm new to this site. But, not new to the world of pokemon! My first game was Pokemon Ruby. I started rather late because I didn't have money for a game system until Ruby/Sapphire had just came out. So, being the typical kid, I bought the newest game. However, since then I have played the older ones, and the even newer ones of course!
    This is my second forum site ever. I'm still pretty new to the idea, but I love it. The other forum site I used is for Kingdom Hearts. Man, I love that game series. But anyway, I'm here for Pokemon!
    The main reason that made me look up a forum site for Pokemon is because Black 2 and White 2 are coming out! I'm not sure which to preorder, but I plan on it later today! I'm leaning more towards Black 2 because of the Challenge mode...
    But anywho, I look forward to talking to everyone!
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