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Yay, first update!

Here's what my team will be, as a refresher: B= Bronzong, S= Torterra, LA= Gastrodon, RA= Toxicroak, LL= Vespiquen and RL= Ambipom.

-Started off game
-Got turtwig
-Beat Rival
-Died to a critical hit from Roark's Cranidos.



-Pregame stuff
-Got female Turtig, named her Sycamore (Impish nature)
-Beat Rival (Barry) with ease
-Challenged Roark, I was about level 17 or so.
-Spammed curses to prepare for the cranidos
-Razor Leaf = Coal Badge :D
-Sycamore evolved!!!
-Beat those silly galactic Grunts like nobody's business
-Caught Ludgate the Lonely Shellos (female)
-Smeared honey on trees after beating grunts
-Two days later got Bonnie the docile combee (female, of course!)
-Almost a weeka fter obtaining honey I FINALLY got an aipom, named her Eden (Naive nature)
-Trained Sycamore and Ludgate to 20, as that's what I thought Mars's purugly was.
-It was level 15. Whoops!
-Spammed Sycamore's curse on Zubat, killed it with a tackle, and then demolished that fat cat.
-Headed to the Eterna Forest
-Trained Bonnie to level 21... Bonnie is evolving! Yay, a Vespiquen! Maybe Bonnie will learn more than two moves now! :D
-Working on training up Eden, less experience, but battles are slower.

I feel like I should be farther along, but those Honey trees took FOREVER! D:

Also, I'm going to add a few clarifications to the rules concerning "other" party members, as I didn't really touch upon this area in the rules and noticed it when playing the game. I'll edit it in soon. :)

Edit: New Rules:

-However, you can have HM slaves before getting all your party members. Once a party member is obtainable, you must get rid of your HM slaves

-If a party member dies, you can fill their slot with an HM slave

-Obviously, HM slaves cannot go into battle, ever. If all your current challenge pokemon in your party faint, the challenge is over, similar to a nuzlocke

Good luck guys and start updating have fun! :D

Edit2: kyro100, welcome to the challenge. You're now listed in the top post as a Challenger. Good Luck!
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