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    Nika Valentine - Oak Town

    Nika faced across from the boy in the empty lot, the Heavy Ball balanced in her hand. The boy wanted a double battle - a simple matter for a trainer with her experience - but who to choose... she wanted to put Parasect through her paces, but not at the same time as working with Pineco. New pokemon deserved one hundred percent of her attention.

    Spider and Eve were doing quite well at the minute, and Loki had already battled a few times today. That left Sage to be the backup for Pineco. Two pure bug types, nothing to give her a spread in type advantage, but true to her nature.

    While she was reaching her decision the boy sent out his two pokemon - a Lillipup and a Squirtle. She was familair with both. Lillipup were from her home region, and Squirtle were well known for being starter pokemon. Fortunately neither pokemon held an advantage over bug types.

    "I choose Pineco and Shellmet." She stated matter-of-factly, releasing the two pokemon onto the field.

    Pineco spun on the spot briefly, happy to be out of his pokeball, while Sage gave his opponents an unimpressed glance. She was really going to have to do something about his surly attitude, but that was a task for another time. For now it was all about helping Pineco through his first real battle.

    "Pineco, begin with Pin Missile."

    Pineco seemed to be preparing himself for an attack, but instead of launching the commanded move he began to glow a bright golden colour, spinning in place again with increased speed.

    "Uh... What kind of Pin Missile is that?" Asked the boy, confused enough not to order counter-attacks.
    "It's... it's not, I don't think." Nika was just as puzzled as he was, until the explosion went off.

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