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Originally Posted by FirEmerald View Post
Ha, ha. very funny. I just think it's weird how the player can jump onto pokemon, hop on the acro bike, jump off one platform to another in the distortion world, and hop off ledges, yet can't even manage a single pixel otherwise.
He doesn't jump off ledges, he falls off them in style, but other that that yeah... Bit sad really...

Then again, this game we're talking about has a pidgin, like pidgey, can learn FLY.. ever looked at the size comparison between pidgey and player???

Also, I want 3-type's in a Pokémon. And cross-evolution. Like, if a lvl 100 venusaur, lvl 100 charizard and lvl 100 blastoise are in your party, they are all removed and a lvl 1 Blastisaur is now there. Water, Fire and Grass. No evo's
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