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    "Spark!" Aria yelled again.

    Where the hell... I suspect that someone is behind this... Aria thought as she began walking into the small town. She soon saw Spark walk out of a building, fused with Arc's Minun, who faded away.

    "Spark! What happened? Was it another gang? Where are they? Tell me!" Aria said, too scared to stop talking. She drew her sword from its makeshift scabbard on her back, and walked towards the building that she had burst out of. There were two people laying inside, fried, supposedly by electricity.

    "I'm impressed, Arc. Who would have thought that you would come in handy later." Aria said to herself. She saw some bundles off to the side of the room, which contained enough supplies for three over the course of a week. In one, she found a note.

    "'Capture as many children as possible, we will send a truck in a five days.' That sounds usefull. We stay here until the truck arrives, take it, and drive back home! Spark! Come help me get this stuff out of here!" Aria yelled excitedly.

    If this works, then we won't have to worry about supplies. We will be home before we know it! Aria thought. She grabbed two of the bundles.

    Wait. If there are three bundles, and only two bodies, then... Aria thought, then felt a gust of air on the back of her neck. As she turned, she dropped the bundles and drew her sword. When she had turned completely around, she brought her sword to east directly on the last member's throat.

    "Excuse me sir, but did you lose something?" Aria asked in a menacing tone. He responded by spitting in her face.

    "Wrong move." She said, and killed him.

    "Spark! You got that bundle yet?" She shouted back into the house.
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