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    "Ah ah. I never said battle. This is your Scizor letting off some steam while I observe to get a better idea of him, and besides this is just Blade versus your Scizor. no other pokemon. Speaking of which, prove your worth Blade!" Jason said throwing the ball into the air.

    The safari ball burst open as Jason's Scyther came out. The mantis pokemon sharpened his blades on one another before looking up at his opponent.

    'Scy rithar.' "You fightin?" Blade asked.

    "This is a rather simple exercise. Your pokemon needs to hit Blade five times. Blade needs to completely knock out yours. What makes it interesting you only get to advise them before the battle starts. Then they are on their own. Understand Miss Bernavard? If you also need your other pokemon occupied have them start doing exercises off to the side of the field." Jason explained.

    "This aught to be amusing. Come on you guys off the field. Ace you can keep up the dig practice." Isaac commented.

    "Isaac..." Jason glared at the gray haired boy.

    "Hey just saying its an interesting match up. A Scyther and a Scizor. One is evolved, and the other has more experience." Isaac said.
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