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    Wyatt Wyvern (Raikou Dorm)
    Wyatt laughed as he felt it was even easier than he originally thought. Wyatt tossed the two pokeballs containing X-Ray and Draco and they searched for different pokemon to train against. After looking around the volcano Wyatt was about to give up. After the few Slugma got defeated the party didn't catch a trace of any pokemon except for a few fearful Ponyta that just ran away before a single blow could be made against them. Wyatt, about to turn around felt something that weighed down the top of his head. Trying to feel what the object was he realized that his hair hot. He waved his hands and swung his head around not realizing the sly Vulpix that just jumped off his head and Neptune, with an offensive reaction tryed to spit an aray of large bubbles at Wyatt's head but instead of hitting the Vulpix, he hit Wyatt, soaking Wyatt's head. The water was cold and it actually refreshed Wyatt from the Heat that didn't seem to affect any of the combatants. "X-Ray, use bubble beam" shouted Wyatt as X-Ray fired waves of bubbles towards the Vulpix who dodged them and shot a light crimson flame towards X-Ray, almost grazing him. Neptune ran straight in with aqua jet, following his own intuition and hitting the Vulpix dead on. The hit seemed to make the Vulpix have a change of heart but it was too late, as Wyatt lobbed one of the unoccupied Pokeball's that he got earlier that day. The ball wobbled and seemed to roll around forever, the red light constantly blinking for what was really less than a minute until it came to an abrupt stop and the red light ceased. Wyatt walked slowly over to the Pokeball and laughed. He had caught his first pokemon with ease and he felt it would have been harder. Before he knew it the pokeball burst open and there was a flash. Wyatt curious and oblivious to how it opened stumbled back and tried to think of what to do. "X-Ray, try to fire a water pulse where the pokeball was!". The wave that came from X-Ray was somewhat minor went into the receeding light straight to where the pokeball was and almost seemed to have hit the Vulpix until a shadow appeared over the area Wyatt and his companions where located. The Vulpix somehow launched itself a fair distance up into the sky. Wyatt was about to call Draco to hit the dynamic opponet until Neptune instinctively used Aquajet and his momentium to hit the Vulpix dead on, Wyatt grinned at his Todidile and laughed as he tossed another pokeball at the Vulpix, knowing it was caught for sure and Neptune scored a finishing blow that, if honed properly, would've probably been fatal. Wyatt pat Neptune on the head and exclaimed "That was a perfect hit Neptune, I couldn't have asked for more". Wyatt turned around to see his other two pokemon and smiled as there was almost a sparkle in his grin. "You guys all did excellent". He looked at were the pokeball was and without a doubt knew this time the Vulpix was now a part of his arsonal and his companion. He grabbed the pokeball and sighed. "That's enough heat for one day, don't you agree you guys?" he asked somewhat rhetorically before withdrawing all three. With four occupied pokeballs on his belt, Wyatt walked down the volcano, trying to let the slope do the work but simultaneously trying not to go to fast.

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