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Clare and Kale
Kale watched bewitched by the show dance was great, Clare was busy thinking over what the twins had said earlier, saying they owned a studio. She was thinking about how she would ask, their music was so peaceful and the songs they played we're loud. She reached out and shook Ryan's Han while thinking about and asked him, "Do you have any talents other than being a strong fighter?" Before he could answer Maggy interrupted, looking a bit grumpy.

"I was asked by O to see if you know any ballads." She said it monotonely as if she didnt care (she didn't), "If so can you please go up after this performance? We have an acoustic guitar backstage if needed."

Kale was still entranced and didn't answer, Clare asked Ryan to pardon her, "We can talk latter, sorry!" She turned to Maggy, "Yea I suppose we can, though for what reason, if I may ask?"

"Well O is enjoying the dancing to much." She rolled her eyes, "And he's pretty good with a guitar, we figured you can keep things slow."

Clare rubbed her chin, "Well then sure, it can't hurt our rep any. Summers! We're doing a ballad when they get done."

He didn't even turn around,"Yeah okay, which ones." Half listening.

"Only one Summers, we can do Universe."

"What's universe? The one we haven't named yet?" Clare answered yes, "Aw why is it called universe then, that's so lame." Clare turned him around so that he was facing her and she gave him a theatening look, "Uh oh universe yeah, I thought you said you knee verse, that would've been odd." She released him and he continued watching the show.

"There you have it, we can do a ballad." Maggy slumped off, clearly bored. Clare turned to Ryan, "Nice to meet you, I'm Clare and that is Kale Summers, we are the strongest human pair on campus." Inflating the truth a bit never hurt anyone Clare figured and she was definitely one to inflate her reputation.
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