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    Lucas puts on his hat and goggles combo, which made him feel complete again. He slicked across the duck bill on his cap and gave his goggles a wipe. Aipom began cheering at Lucas having his look back, as Heracross seemed to like it alot. He turned to Seth who commanded Scyther to chop down a tree into 5 bits. 'If you would like to train with us go ahead.' 'Yeah, of course I would like to! Aipom, Heracross let's join in on this!' 'You will be carrying your log while walking the perimeter. After you feel comfortable with that, start jogging, then running, and so on and so forth, stopping after doing at least five laps of each. If you need to stop, go right ahead, but you will have to restart your laps. Ready? Go!' Seth said. Scyther, Doom and Apes lined up with their own individual logs and began pushing them at their own paces.

    Lucas witnessed Seth's intense training style first hand. No wonder his Pokemon are that strong. 'Umm, guys if you can try and lift your logs..' Lucas explained. Heracross scooped the log up on it's horn and struggled with it abit, but it was able to walk with it. Aipom on the other hand was having great difficulty with moving with a log bigger than it. It's legs kept shaking. Lucas walked near both of them making sure they were pacing themselves right. Heracross seemed to like this type of training as this is what this type of Pokemon is built for, but Aipom could only make half a lap before Lucas made it stop. 'Aipom, there's no way you are made for this type of training. I've got a better idea for your training!'

    Lucas helped Aipom carry the heavy log over to a really sturdy tree branch that had a couple of vines drooping from it. Lucas attached the log to the vine and pulled up the log. He adjusted it in away in which it looked like it was like 8 feet off the ground. Lucas walks over to Aipom and talks him through the exercise. 'Okay! This is just for you! Your aim is to literally destroy that log with your moves, Acrobatics, Swift, and Focus Punch. But it's set up so whenever you hit it strong enough it will swing back, so use you speed and evasion to make sure you avoid hits! Just no Double Teams! This is to rely on your power! Good Luck buddy!'. Lucas steps back and watches Heracross making good progress on it's 3rd walking lap while Seth's Pokemon are making better progress. 'Your doing great Heracross!' Lucas shouted, he then shouted at lowered voice volume, 'Keep it up!'. Aipom stretches and gets ready to attack it's wooden play toy. Blue light beginnings to gather from all around and flow into the fist like tail while Aipom's eyes were closed. Aipom's eyes opened, and it jumped in the air so swiftly it was parallel to the log. It's tail flung into the log at a fast speed and impact the log swung around the tree and made full circle hammering it into Aipom's back knocking it to the ground. Frustrated with this, Aipom didn't give up and tried again and again!
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