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When Spark regained consciousness, she stood in the middle of the road seeing Aria complementing her, "But I didn't do..." Aria wasn't listening she had entered the building and was scavenging the supplies of two dead men in the house. Spark couldn't make out what got her outside and reasoned it was the girl from her dream, the one who broke her doll. Spark shuttered at the thought and was glad Aria was waiting outside instead of the girl.

"Come help me get this stuff here!" Aria said, Spark complied glad to know there was more food. She found her knife on the body of one of the dead men and put it back in her belt. Suddenly Aria turned around, the sound of her blade swept through the air. She said something to the man, Spark just watched. Suddenly Aria slew him, and asked her if she would carry the third bundle. Spark nodded her head and asked, "Was that man a bad man?"
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