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    Chikyu and Kazan

    Chikyu finished the dance, Kazan the song, and the audience burst into applause. Chikyu bowed, Kazan standing up and doing the same. The curtain went down again, and all the decor was taken down. Chikyu sat down at the back, then looked up and noticed a monkey star pattern. First a dragon, then a rat, now a monkey. The zodiac?

    Kazan noticed it as well, and had a similier idea. "Amazing..." Chikyu nodded, then got up. "I'm going to go back and change back to normal." Kazan nodded as he watched Chikyu walk off, then got up and went around the front to sit in the audience.

    Back in the room, Chikyu changed back to her kimono, her mind on the star pictures. Why were they specifically in the order of the zodiac? Would that mean that she would see a pig picture next?
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