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    Full Name: Shiryo Maboroshi
    Nicknames: Shir and Shi
    Sex: Male
    Age: 19
    Family: Divine Water
    Career: He never actually volunteered, but ended up with being a guard detail for whoever needs it… (I thought it was original… I’ll change it if it isn’t acceptable.)

    Appearance: Shiryo has red eyes that are rimmed by dark circles. During the day, he may squint, or close an eye, as the light tends to be painful due to his bright eye color. His black hair is medium length with unruly spikes and is accented by the two large cowlicks that are almost shaped like horns or ears. He measures 5 feet 10 inches and he weighs 140 pounds. He wouldn’t describe himself as being muscular, but he knows that musculature is the last thing he lacks. If one is lucky to cath him smile, they might find that his teeth are quite sharp. He wears no armor preferring to have mobility over defense. His clothing is just a simple black Kimono/outer robe, and a pair of black Hakama that are hemmed to not fall so loosely. His chest can be seen through his open Kimono showing a scar over his heart. He wears a Porcelain mask that is painted gold on the side of his head.

    Personality: Shiryo is quiet and rarely complains. Although he may resent something, he’ll never give a show of it, except for maybe a twitch of his nose, or squeezing a fist. He’s suspicious of people who have something to gain. He is a heavily internalized person who spends his free time thinking. He tends to be a slow person, not in mind, but in action. When to a question, he may take a few seconds to chew over his answer. He enjoys silence and may grow annoyed when buffeted by constant loud noises. He has an incredibly long fuse, but when he explodes, people get hurt. He doesn’t understand people who make decisions based on feeling. Decisions are something he does not like at all, preferring for things to be left to chance, or even someone else.

    History: Shiryo’s immidiate family excommunicated him for something he refuses to talk about, but may be connected with his former lover's was murder.

    Skills: He is a heavily Tactile thinker and is a natural peacemaker that looks at problems from all angles.

    Flaws: He avoids having to make decisions, preferring to leave it to chance. He can be suspicious of people that rub him wrong. He is easily distracted by his constantly wandering mind. It’s difficult for him to say no to a request. He can’t deal with stress and if he becomes to overwhelmed, can lash out verbally at anyone who bothers him.

    Weapon: Due to his deep connection with his Pokemon Link, he can tap into a few shadow related abilities which he uses in conjunction with the Tanto he keeps hidden in his sleeve. He has very little practice with using magic, which makes him prone to mistakes.

    Pokemon: Yamask

    Pokemon Name: Shingetsu, Nicknamed Shin.

    Pokemon Personality: Shin follows Shiryo closely at all times, sometimes even melding with his shadow or resting on his shoulder. He helps Shiryo escape from potential disaster by grabbing and pulling him into a very weak Shadow force. Shin is a very timid Yamask that has a dislike for strangers. He's gone through a strange growth spurt in the last few months...

    Pokemon Specialty: He is good at using Shadow Sneak to manipulate shadows and teleport short distances. Never sleeps, so he can be alert at all times. He can phase through walls as well as people.

    Pokemon Flaws: Although it possesses the ability "Shadow Force" it is so diluted that it can only be used to move quickly. Shin is quite frankly, a very clumsy Yamask. He tends to surprise people by facing through them, which one can imagine, can be confusing and surprising to the unwilling victim. Shin, despite being calm has frequent panic attacks where he flies around chaotically that coincide with Shiryo’s stress level.

    Proof of Reading: It is really difficult to prove that I've read the post... But I guess I'll say that: Ethan is quiet, The old man used on only half the map of Kanto, and Ho-oh and her link resurrected Entei, Raikou, Suicune and their links. *Gasp*
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