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    "Yes." Aria briskly said, and began walking through the town, back to the field. Once she was there, Aria dropped the bundles and lie back down.

    It said five days, but who knows when they actually got it? They could have arrived today... I sure hope that we don't have to wa- Aria thought, stopping as she heard some people talking nearby.

    "There's our group. Stay here, unless call you." Aria said. She drew her sword, and crept up to one of the building, backing against it. She peeked around to see two hoodlums, who were armed with large knives.

    Here we go. She thought as she sprinted at another building, pulling herself up to the top of it. She heard the guards yell as they discovered their friends corpses, and came back outside. Aria jumped down, sword ready.

    "Looking for something? Perhaps me?" She said, trying to act like a normal girl, as she had found a hat to cover her ears, and wore a mid-length skirt to hide her tail.

    "You killed them?" One of the drivers said, gesturing to the house behind him.

    "No, you don't have to worry about me. That was a spirit kid that they had captured. I'm not though..." Aria said with longing. "Now, hand me you supplies and drop your weapons, and you will live."

    "I- N- fine." The guard said. Every time he had tried to say no, Aria had slightly slashed at him. He reached into his pocket, and whipped it back out again.

    "Ah, throwing knife. Thank you." Aria said, observing the small knife that she had caught. The driver's just stood and stared in amazement.

    "But, if you can do that, then you must be..." The other driver piped up.

    "Suprise!" She said, fusing with Eve at the same time, and stood pointing her sword at them.

    "An Umbreon! Tim, you'd better give her the keys... I don't think she wants to play games..." The second one continued.

    "You don't say? I think I know when I'm beaten." Tim replied with sarcasm, dropping his knife. Aria took some rope from their supplies, and tied them up, putting them in the house with their deceased companions.

    "Spark, you can come out now!" Aria yelled as she unfused. She opened a door that she hadnt noticed before, to see a few human children chained up.

    "Spark, could you come help me with the other children? Here's the key to unchain them." Aria said to the child, throwing a key to her.
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