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She held the key in her hands, admiring the shape. "Okay sis!" She went around the room and looked at the other kids. "I was told to unlock the chains!" All of the children brightened up, happy to see a salvation. Spark went around unlocking chains, each and every child smiled happily at being saved. But there was one girl who just stared at Spark in awe.

Spark looked at the girl, "Whats the matter?" she said, "Are you scared? Because you shouldn't be, I'm saving you!" Even as she undid the girl's chains the girl still looked at her in awe. The girl was much younger than Spark, maybe ten. She had brown hair going halfway down her back and blue eyes, Spark thought the girl was as cute as a doll. The girl was trembling and wore a small dress.

"Y-you're that girl who saved us before. The one I had to cut. But you're so different, I-I can't believe it." The girl took Spark's hand and looked at a cut on it. "You really are her!" The girl cowered back in fear, quiet scared of what she thought Spark would do. But spark just stood in place looking at the cut, then she picked up her glove and slipped it back on.

She reached out the hand with the cut (her right hand), "I think you are just imagining it, because I have a lot of cuts and so do other people so you can't say I'm the girl who is scary cause I'm not." Then she remembered her dream and the dead men at the house, maybe she is real. Now Spark began to get scared but she didn't show it and gave the girl a hug, "What is your name?"

The girl was still fairly untrusting of Spark, "K-Kalie" she shook her head, "I know it is you, the girl looked just like you and she saved me then abandoned me and then I got captured."

Spark shook her head, "I think I know the girl, she looks just like me and sometimes kills people, just like Aria, but the girl doesn't kill just bad people, she kills all sorts of people and I think that is her." Spark was absolutely sure, so sure that the girl began to believe it also. "Where were you going? I bet you won't get captured if you stay with me and Aria! I'll go ask."

"Sis! Sis!" she called from the room, "can Kalie come with us, I know you don't want to bring nobody with us but can Kalie go please, please!"
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