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Originally Posted by sab View Post
I love megaman! You can count on me to play this game when it comes out, that is assuming that I can find it if you get a mod to delete/lock this thread. Game dev is probably the most ignored section at pc, and I'd say that four or five posts a week is really the most you can expect, esspecially for something that is a megaman game on a pokemon forum. I think it looks great, and it will be great to have a good megaman game that is not console based! Also do you realise that for each person that has posted here about a hundred have clicked this? That means that quite a few people are infact intrested in a thread about a megaman game, even if they don't post.
Why isn't a way to like comments?! I like yours.

I did notice the views, but wonder why don't comment at all to give feedback.

I saw many non-Pokémo games here and they received good attention, so that's why I posted it here.

Anyway, any comments about the design? Something not quite right over there? Be harsh, I don't mind at all, all I want is to enhance my skills.
Pokémon Pure Version. It's gone now. Buh-bye Nohmen Region! Nobody will miss you because no one had the chance to meet you.

And also... a new Megaman X game is coming. Megaman X: Maverick Wars.
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