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    Rosalyn Smith
    Academy Hallways

    Rosalyn looked over at Alice and nodded. "Valorie, I think her names Valorie" she said still holding onto Jimmy's hand as they watched the battle. The Swampert was dealt with quickly Rosalyn noticed, and for some reason she found herself looking at every detail no matter how small. With her memory she'd be able to draw what was happening here later. It would make a great picture, and hopefully she could get some money for it, Arceus knows she needs some.

    The boy sent out a Braviary and when it attacked Valorie's Pokemon Rosalyn flinched and moved closer, and slightly behind Jimmy not releasing the grip she had on his hand. She didn't like the look of this Pokemon, almost as much as she didn't like the bad vibe she was getting from the Pokemon's trainer. Suddenly though a teacher broke up the fight someone she recognized as Sabrina so cool. Sabrina asked what had happened when suddenly the odd colored Zorua that Valorie had jumped down and transformed into a small boy, listening to what he was saying Rosalyn paled at the mention of the R men. She stopped paying attention there as Jazz stood more in front of her, Rosalyn spoke loud enough for only Jimmy and Alice to hear.

    "Team Rocket...he means Team Rocket"

    Genevieve Molyneux
    Academy Grounds

    Genevieve grew more worried as she nodded at the teacher that had showed up. She was scared she was going to get in trouble. She was already emotional from what was going on in her life. Holding the Togepi egg with one hand Genevieve moved closer to Maxwell and grabbed his hand. "y-yes Sir" she said shakily taking a deep breath.

    Right now, she had to keep calm and take them to the Emergency room. She could be nervous about the questions later. "Just follow us, it's not far from here." she continued sounding a bit calmer. "we'll get him there in no time at all"

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