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Pokemon I hate? Well design-wise I think Luvdisc,Trubbish,Garbodor,Slugma and Woobat looks awful. Luvdisc is this pink sideways heart with two small eyes and a wide mouth,it wasn't very adorable to me. Then there's the Trubbish line, it's a garbage bag then a huge pile of rubbish filled with rotten food and other old items. Slugma,is this little orange slug with yellow rocks in it and this slimy substance dripping from it's nose which I think is mucus :P.

And Woobat,I kind of dislike for that awful love heart shaped nose,if it didn't have that I might of considered using it.

Moving on,Zubats,Tentacools,Rattatas,Bidoofs and Audinos. Without repels in a cave,Zubat appears everywhere. They're especially irritating to fight with their Supersonics and other status inflictions.

Then there's Tentacool popping up everywhere while you're surfing around. Sometimes you can't escape and get poisoned and badly damaged.

Rattatas,they appear on almost every route.With moves like Super Fang and quick attack,I hate this creature.

Bidoof,looks ridiculous and bulky,it was a pain to kill.Last is Audino,yes it gives you loads of experience :3,but honestly it's annoying to kill.
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