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    Holly's confession struck Haru like a raging Tauros. No one ever trusted him with anything. Never! He was grinning and blushing at the same time. "Well, you can trust me with anything, and you will never have to worry while I'm around." He lifted her head by putting his finger under her chin and lifting. "I say what I mean and I mean what I say." He leaned in and pecked her beautiful little nose. "I love you, Holly." Haru had never felt this way about anyone before, and he wasn't going to let the girl slip between his fingers. She was too perfect.

    Void, Dutchess, and Torch were standing a few feet away with their mouths wide open. Haru had actually talked to a girl! She didn't hit him, and she actually LIKED him! "That.Was.Wierd. Usually Haru gets slapped when he talks to girls like that!" Void said with shock in his voice. Torch just nodded. Dutches laughed.
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