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Originally Posted by Triple R View Post
I'm Triple R. Last spring, I had an account here, a decent collection of Pokemon games, and a more cheerful temperament. That changed, though, when I was forced to sell all of my games. Well, all but one.

I managed to keep SoulSilver hidden, and I also concealed my ROMs by putting my VBA and related files on a flash drive. So, I'm still capable of playing a few games, but I'm completely shut out to Sinnoh and Unova.

I feel that it's time I come back so that the gameplay experience doesn't get stale. Might as well make a new identity for it - I don't feel like the same guy I was a few months ago.
Hi Triple R, welcome back to PC.

Yeah, it's sad you had to sell your games. But as you know, there are other ways to play Pokemon (like emulators) so I hope you get back on track someday and hopefully get Black 2 or White 2. Glad you kept SoulSilver, it's a pretty fun game due to the nostalgia factor present throughout.

I've been into Pokemon ever since I was just 7, but didn't play the games themselves until Ruby & Sapphire. And just like most of the members, I plan on getting Black 2 and White 2 sometime later in the year. I may be 20 but Pokemon still keeps me motivated.

Anyways, glad you decided to come back and if you ever have any questions feel free to VM me or a staff member.

- Hikari10
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