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    Originally Posted by DoesntKnowHowToPlay View Post
    I went flipping through the text files and saw a few things that didn't make sense, so I decided to look through A-Trainer before playing this to see if trainers had sensible sets, and I'm a bit confused- is this a joke hack? It certainly doesn't seem like something that would be called "Expert" Emerald, or be focusing on difficulty, as the trainers have sets that are head-ache inducingly stupid- the only reason they'd be threatening at all to a competent player is because their levels increase at an alarming rate.

    Why does Roxanne's Rhyhorn have illegal Thunder Wave? Or Iron Tail that early? It's not like Marshtomp won't eat the whole team alive, you're just picking on people who don't have a counter mon.

    Why does Brawly have a Silver Wind Heracross? And a dual-screening Meditite with no physical moves and illegal Psybeam? Why does his Makuhita have a Macho Brace?

    Why do most of Wattson's mons have redundant electric coverage? Nearly all of them have Thunderbolt- there's no need for them to also have ThunderPunch and Thunder and Shock Wave if you're giving them that. Why does Lanturn have illegal Recover? Why does Manectric have Howl if all of its attacks are special?

    Why does Flannery's Houndoom have Bite and Crunch? Why does her Ninetales have a Macho Brace?

    Why does Norman have a Hyper Beam Blissey? Speaking of Blissey, why does she have more Attack than Special Attack and 65 Defense now? Why does Norman's Granbull have Crunch, Thunderbolt, Solarbeam, and Outrage and a Macho Brace? Why does Stantler have 605 BST?

    Why does Winona have a Sunny Day Tropius followed immediately by a Pelipper with water attacks? If this is supposed to be more challenging, why does the Altaria no longer have Earthquake? Why is there a Swellow with Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, and Blizzard? Why can it learn those moves and why are its stats so high anyway?

    Why do Tate & Liza have an Alakazam with Recover and dual screens? Why do they have a Macho Brace Grumpig with illegal Flamethrower? Why does their Solrock have Calm Mind, Flamethrower, Psychic, and Solarbeam?

    Why does Juan's Starmie have a Quick Claw? Why does his Milotic have a Sitrus Berry if it knows Recover? Why does it have a Sitrus Berry at all this late in the game? Why does it have both Surf and Water Pulse?

    Why does Sidney's Absol have a Macho Brace? Why does his Tyranitar know Sandstorm? Why does his Crawdaunt know Hydro Pump, Surf, and Crabhammer?

    Why does Pheobe have a Shedinja with Leftovers? Why does her Gengar know Dream Eater, Hypnosis, Shadow Punch, and Will-o-wisp?

    Why does Glacia have a Macho Brace on her Delibird? Why does it have Present this late in the game? Why does Delibird have the base stats of Mew? Why does Cloyster have Spikes if it's her fifth mon?

    Why does Drake have a Gyarados with Dragon Dance, Surf, Outrage, and Thrash? Why is it holding a Macho Brace? Why does his Kingdra have Dragon Dance, Surf, Outrage, and Smokescreen? Why does his Dragonite have Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Outrage, and Safeguard? Why does his Altaria have Dragon Dance, Thunder, Blizzard, and Outrage? He's supposed to be the next-to-last trainer the player fights- even if the others aren't intelligent he really should be!

    Why is Wallace's Miltank holding a Moomoo Milk? Why does his Sceptile know Giga Drain, Leaf Blade, Solarbeam, and Synthesis?

    Why does Steven's Dragonite have Dragon Dance, Outrage, Thunderbolt, and Hyper Beam? Why does his Slaking have both Rest and Slack Off? Why does his Salamence have Dragon Dance, Outrage, Flamethrower, and illegal Blizzard? Why is it holding a Sitrus at level 100? Why does his Metagross know Iron Defense? Why is his final mon a Sharp Beak Skarmory with Drill Peck, Hyper Beam, Steel Wing, and Spikes?

    With regards to individual mons- why does Swellow have more speed than Aerodactyl and Speed Boost when it already had a niche as a Guts abuser? Why can it use Bulk Up? Why was it given several special TMs that it can't use as well as its physical movepool? Why does it learn Thunderbolt by level? Why does Marowak have 100 base attack when it gets Thick Club? Why was Blissey granted 65 Defense and a grand total of 590 BST? Why is its Attack now higher than its Special Attack? She already had a very clearly defined role- this new Blissey is even better at it and no longer has a glaring weakness. Why is Masquerain Water/Flying? There's already two lines that are Water/Flying that it has to compete with.
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