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    Originally Posted by Alternative View Post
    I honestly don't know how to feel about the Ace Attorney v Professor Layton game. It doesn't seem like puzzles and lawyers mix well together. I mean, so long as they throw Gumshoe in it should be fine, but idk.
    I doubt they'll throw Gumshoe in though; Phoenix and Maya went on a trip abroad, y'know. But... maybe he'll show up for the sake of investigating? Who knows! But I think it'll be more Phoenix-style because of the courts and such. Layton might be there just to tie up a few loose ends and solve mysteries.

    By the way, here's the official box art (it's a little big):

    Originally Posted by Alternative View Post
    Actually there is something I've been meaning to ask. Regarding GS5, what are some of the things you're looking for in this game? Innovative gameplay, anything about Apollo, Trucy etc.
    I do hope Apollo and Trucy will have some kind of cameo. Then again, it's still sort of unclear on what this game's main plot will be yet, so, I can only hope that it'll be something that has to do with Apollo and Trucy, but we'll see. I hope that the Magatama and Bracelet will be back, and... other than that? Not much - I prefer ~this~ style of Ace Attorney, without the overworld sprites from Ace Attorney Investigations. (but AAI is still good).

    Miiiind if I throw in a question?
    What are your favourite quotes?

    Mine is this one right here:


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