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    The smiles that Holly showed him made his day a gazillion times better. He pecked her forehead with a kiss. Being the clumsy goof that he was, he figured that he should probably cool it on the emotions before he went too far and made her uncomfortable. Haru was a happy man. Happier than anyone. He heard Kayla make a sound and realized she was just eavesdropping. He silently laughed and decided to see if she was really paying attention. He looked at Holly and started to talk in a knowing voice. "Kayla sure is crazy." He gave Holly a wink and mouthed the words "Go with it." Haru continued. "She can be a real handful." He hoped that Holly would play along.

    Void began to agree with Kayla's pokemon, though he would never admit it. "I suppose it's not TOTALLY wierd..." Torch just nodded. Haru had never been very smooth or appeared to be attractive either. It just wasn't in his nature. Dutchess piped in, "He seems to be very prince-like for a human." Void sighed, "If only you knew..."
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