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Welcome to the forum, Erica! It's great to meet you. (:

So Ruby was your first, huh? Mine was Blue many, many years ago. The older games were pretty good even if they do look very different from the present Pokemon games, but they're just as addicting! Glad to see you tried those. n_n

Anyway, forums can be very fun and are a great way to meet new people! I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay and meet plenty of awesome members here. I think this was my second forum as well, since I actually joined waaay back in 2006 when I was just starting to get the hang of all these things, hehe.

And yeah, B/W2 will be coming out soon! I'm planning on getting White 2 the day it's released, though I might also go to the city Saturday for a release event and get it a day early. <3 Exciting~!

But yeah, it was great meeting you and I hope you stick around, all right? We're friendly and would love to have you! Feel free to message me if you need any help with anything. :D

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