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I came up with this. It honestly didn't take all that long. It's not exactly a graphical masterpiece either. But it gives the relative locations of every major area though. =o

EDIT: I also re-did the plot spoiler of the first post, which also hasn't really been touched since I got the RP. It now reads as followed:

You are a young trainer that has just been accepted into the Pokémon Trainer Academy, an elite pokemon trainer's school located on a island with an uncannily diverse selection of climates and pokemon from every region. It was built, and is currently run by, Professor Gary Oak to aid new trainers in reaching their full potential.

One day you wake up to your initiation package from the school containing several pokemon and a letter attached reading as followed:

"Hello and congratulations on being accepted into pokémon trainer school!

My name is Professor Gary Oak, principal of this academy. I started this school to help beginning trainers to understand the unique qualities and specialties of all Pokémon. From abra to zubat our goal is for you to learn and master everything there is to learn in the ways of a being a great pokémon trainer. Throughout your time here you will be groomed into an elite, learning the ways of battle, utility, the art of maintaining a healthy relationship with your pokemon and the skills you'll need to keep both you and yourself physically healthy on the field. I sincerely hope you enjoy your time here and feel like you've accomplished something worthwhile by time you leave.
Yours Truly
Professor Gary Oak"

Although many see the trainer school as a straight-up wonderful idea and a way of encouraging growth in upcoming trainers, Prof. Oak sees it as a way of preparing young trainers for what he believes to be an impending battle with Team Rocket. Their goal? World domination. As a student your 'job' is to use your time well during your stay on the island as this supposed battle draws nearer and nearer. Making friends, making enemies, and exploring the depths your power... as well as the depths of the island's incredibly diverse climate. ...Or not!~ Go skip class and head to town, you party animal. This is your life, make use of it how you please.
I mostly re-worded a handful of things, fixed some capitalization errors scattered around. I also added a bit at the end to try and shed some light on the actual content of what goes on in the RP. (Cue: "PTA /is/ real life" joke)

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~