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Rocking N Rolling it Out-Day 2 Roxanne and the Sailor

This isn't the biggest update,all that really happened to be honest was getting to Dewford.
After long hours of grinding,my Pokemon were finally ready for their first game of the season. I entered the small gym to find trainer's blocking my path towards a young girl who was standing on this high podium.

I battled the trainers,facing Geodudes that swung their fists angrily. They were no match however for Lucky's powerful confusion and in a matter of minutes I found myself standing there eye to eye with my opponent.

She made a little speech then officially began the fight. Lucky quickly disposed of those pesky Geodudes before I switched out to Nina for some stat assistance in this fight. I sand attacked Nosepass for a bit before getting KOed by a lucky,criticial Rock Tomb.

Back Lucky went into the fight using confusion to whittle down Nosepass's huge HP. Soon both of us were down to red HP then I made a lucky strike and victory was ours!

Roxanne sighed and handed us the Stone Badge,giving us a TM called Rock Tomb before wishing me good luck. Outside,I headed into the fresh air before healing and continuing.

When I started walking up the street,I heard a huge commotion. Looking behind me I saw this oddly dressed man like the person I saw in Petalburg Forest. A name seemed to ring in my head.Team Aqua....

What were they doing here anyway? I thought we clearly told them to bugger off after defeating a grunt in the forest. The same man who was attacked came running up to me and said the grunt had stolen the Devon Goods and wanted me to help out again.

So I progressed through the route where this grunt had ran off,fighting some odd Poochyenas and Nincadas along the way.Then I saw this old man standing outside this cave."You've got to help young trainer.That naughty thief took my darling Peeko!" he exclaimed angrily.

I rushed inside to see the grunt standing there. He glared at me."It turns out this hostage is useless."he said,looking at a Wingull in disgust.
Then suddenly he attacked but I easily fought his Poochyena with Bob's Uproar.

He made an irritated noise dropped the goods then scrambled out of the cave. As I picked them up,the old man came along smiling."Peeko!You're safe!" he said,looking relieved.

The Wingull squawked happy to be reunited with his owner."You young trainer..." said the old man turning to me."Thanks for saving Peeko's life!If you ever want our help come by the cottage near Petalburg." he said before walking off.

When I met the Devon man again he looked delighted.He gave me another great ball before saying to come with him. He brang me to this huge building's top floor where an important looking man sat behind the desk. He thanked me and gave me this device called a Pokenav which could show the Hoenn Map.

He healed my Pokemon and then asked for me to deliver a letter in Dewford for a man named Steven and a parcel to Slateport,I made my way outside.An assistant came out and requested to borrow my new Pokenav for a minute. He pulled it open did a few adjustments then gave it back.

"There.I added a feature on your Pokenav.It's called Match Call,you can contact anyone registered on your Pokenav.Try and give the President a call." he instructed.

I called the president and then headed down to see May. She offered a battle and I couldn't resist.So we fought for a few moments before I came out victorious and claimed some money.

Continuing on my way I got to the cottage. Mr Briney. was pacing around before I talked to him."Hmm?You got a package for Slateport and a letter in Dewford?" he said.

He then explained he was a sailor and then helped me into a boat to Dewford.While we sailed,Dad called me and then commented it was windy wherever I was before hanging up.

I arrived at Dewford and fought some weak fishermen and also got an old Rod before finding this cave,hearing rumours this Steven person was here. Inside I caught Orion,a Makuhita before training him up quickly and saving.

I will edit my team in later with levels and info on moves n_n.
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