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Lucia Francisco Bernavard - Advanced Training Club

Roberto frowned at Blade, "No, not a country club. I have been trained extensively to protect Lucia at any cost, already has been one time where her life has been threatened, but the details are classified." He said calmly. "I will die before I allow Lucia to be harmed."

As the Scyther was already prepared to get ready Roberto braced himself. He wasn't sure what a 'golden eye' set was, but no doubt it would involve certain battle techniques that would be repeated over and over again. He knew there were some pokemon who were trained to act independently of their trainer to the point where even the trainer didn't need to call commands in battle. He had some instructions like that during his own training, but it was only for in cases of fleeing battle or if Lucia was knocked out and even then his only concern would be getting Lucia to safety.

He had been trained in how to size up another pokemon and he could tell off the bat this Scyther had more training than him. His regimentation was screaming at him to grab Lucia and flee and use some distracting attacks. Instead, he was here to battle. Five times, the Scizor thought to himself, hit him five times and I'll be good.

Now, it was time to wait. He already was ready to use Protect once the first attack was used and at least he would get an advantage from learning the first attack his opponent had.
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