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    Originally Posted by The Grubby Pup View Post
    Also, a dark type gym leader. I still can't believe; seeing how long Pokemon been out, there STILL isn't on yet...I mean, damn!
    I don't see why its so hard to believe. Its pretty understandable.
    In 3 of the 4 regions Dark was in the E4, which makes it seem even more badass.

    They simply haven't gotten around doing a setting where they would go "hey lets put a Dark gym here".

    People always think of every detail on its own like the developers create these games category after category of features. They probably don't.
    Everything has to fit together into a fleshed out region.
    They surely consider a lot of things and for most gyms, the decision of their type probably comes too late to have the ability to be any type they want to.
    I mean, like the new beach town in BW2. Of course they put a Water gym there and it is great that way.

    Really the closest gym location weve seen where it could have easily occured to them to make it Dark type was Roxies gym. Its even more perfect than for Poison. Unfortunately, Grimsley is already a big Dark trainer, so they went for Poison.