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    Okay. Here's my SU.

    Full Name: Torgaz Zheik
    Nicknames: Tor or Zheik, to be short.
    Sex: Male
    Age: 29 years

    Family: Divine Water
    Career: Torgaz spends much of his career time between hunting and being a guard or some such thing. If not occupied with either job, Torgaz often looks for other tasks that need to be done.

    Appearance: When standing straight, Torgaz is about five-and-a-half feet tall and has a lean, wiry build. He has amber eyes, which stay focused on the task at hand but often wander if Torgaz is doing nothing or listening to a boring dialogue or conversation. His skin has been tanned a dull light-brown from hours in the sun. Torgaz does not have much hair beyond his head of straight, platinum-blonde hair; he usually keeps it a few inches long and has short bangs in the front. A small burn scar is visible, but faint, on the back of Torgaz's right wrist, in the rough shape of a crescent-moon and about one-by-two inches. Torgaz usually wouldn't be considered handsome, but neither is he ugly; he is just...plain. When it comes to clothing, Torgaz prefers dark blue or forest green as his main color; he usually wears practical clothing for ease of movement, if he's not wearing a guard's uniform.
    One of Torgaz's more noticeable features is his muteness. He was born mute, he grew up mute, he will die mute. Torgaz usually communicates through signing with his hands or writing. He always has some paper and a writing utensil with him in a plain, black satchel. Torgaz and his link, Wakaru, do know how to pass along a mental message, but they try to not use it; people are often freaked out by such a method of communication.
    Personality: Contrary to some assumptions, Torgaz is not dumb. He just lacks the bodily function to speak. Torgaz is able to learn and adapt quickly, and he can spot and memorize details. He feels that it is best for all if he works and does his part in the family, so he often spends his free time searching for some task that needs to be done. It's not like he can stand around and hold a light conversation. He might be considered a "workaholic", but Torgaz just doesn't see much of a point in leisure time. For that matter, he's easily bored by a lot of things that don't pertain to practicality or work. When it's clear that there's nothing else he can do, Torgaz allows himself time for sketching. Over time, he's become a good listener and confidant, so long as he's expected to remain silent. This is one of the few times when Torgaz really pays attention. He has developed patience, a necessity in hunting. Yet his patience is overruled if anyone invades his personal space, considered to be anywhere closer than the length of his forearm. Overall, Torgaz is more suited to the outdoors or front line of battle than social or political situations.
    History: As a child, Torgaz's muteness made him a target. After several times when Torgaz came home with bruises from fighting, his father decided to teach the boy self-defense. Fights became less frequent after that. Torgaz decided early on that it would be best for him to earn a living as something that didn't require much talking; being a hunter or guard fit him well.

    Skills: Torgaz knows the basics of survival and hunting. He excels in sword-fighting. He is also an expert at sketching and has photographic memory.
    Flaws: Torgaz often can't get his message across with signing, which makes him flustered sometimes. Being mute, he is socially inept. People usually speak too fast for Torgaz to keep up if writing, and he's met several people who don't understand his signing. Torgaz prefers blunt over elaborate, practical over appearance. He is easily bored by words or dialogue that seem meaningless. If a person doesn't get to the point, Torgaz may end up being distracted or start sketching. He almost always keeps his distance from other people, preferring to have his own personal space with no "intruders". Torgaz feels that women are too often flowery or meaningless, in a sense, if they don't perform a necessary function in society or everyday life. Torgaz may not go so far as to think that men are just plain better; it's just that it's more often women who delight in appearance, chatting, decorations, etc.
    Weapon: Torgaz knows how to use the common hunting and guard weapons, but his favorite weapon is his katana. The pommel and rounded guard are black, and the grip's wrapping is a dark green. The blade has narrow fullers; Torgaz's family symbol is engraved near the base of the blade.

    Pokemon: Gallade
    Pokemon Name: Wakaru
    Pokemon Personality: Wakaru considers himself to be Torgaz's personal bodyguard. He usually obeys his link without argument. Wakaru keeps an open mind and keeps Torgaz informed, at later times, if the human's attention drifts. He shares some of his link's beliefs, preferring his blades to elaborate strategies. Wakaru can irritate Torgaz, often because he is trying to keep the human focused on something "meaningless" or "boring". At all times, Wakaru acts as Torgaz's anchor; the Gallade is the only one who always understands what the human wants to say.
    Pokemon History: Wakaru's early history is filled with instances of defending, or trying to, Torgaz when the human was waylaid by those who thought him weak or stupid for being mute. One notable fight was between Torgaz and two humans, one with a Houndour and the other with a Poochyena. While fighting the Houndour, Wakaru's arm was bitten and burned. The burn-scar and semicircle of teeth-scars are still visible on the Gallade's left forearm.
    Pokemon Specialty: Wakaru's specialty lies in melee combat, where he can use his arm-blades to their full advantage. He also has an eye for finding weak spots.
    Pokemon Flaws: Wakaru may misinterpret something as offensive or dangerous to Torgaz, spurring the Gallade to act. He is not easily impressed and generally isn't interested in Pokemon of the opposite gender. Like his link, Wakaru also has a personal space "bubble" that others should stay out of.

    Proof of Reading: This Ethan sure seems like the player character from the Gen. II games. Silent and all that. And...does anyone besides Ethan notice the Director shattering a picture frame to get the picture out? Someone might have heard that, besides Ethan and the Director.

    Anything Else: Aside from the usual link between human and Pokemon, Wakaru has the mental abilities of a psychic Pokemon. Teleporting or transmitting mental messages are natural to him, though not always used. At least some people are freaked out by telepathy.