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    I don't think I said anything about originality- the main thing I'm trying to address here is that, for a hack focusing on difficulty, many of the movesets are incredibly bad. Like it or not, illegal moves are rude- while they're somewhat tolerable in the case of, say, Thunder Wave Rhyhorn when the player can't get that TM/tutor, having a leader with the likes of Flamethrower Grumpig is an issue as there are both Flamethrower TMs and Grumpigs available to the player- it's blatantly obvious to the player that the game is cheating. It's even worse when you consider that Grumpig *can* learn Fire Punch- switching it to that would make it perfectly fine for only a small power decrease.

    You say that I'm trying to find something wrong with every leader, but I'm not even *trying* to find all the faults I have with this. I just decided to stroll through and couldn't stop. It's a train wreck. Lots of pokemon are holding Macho Braces- you realize what that does, right? It cuts speed and increase the rate at which you gain EVs- in the AI's hands it's not only completely useless, it's worse than holding nothing at all. Many of the leaders have movesets that are self-defeating- most things that have Dragon Dance have only one or no physical moves to use alongside it. Lots of late-game mons also have Sitrus Berries- while this *is* better than a Macho Brace, the 30 HP it gives is a drop in the bucket to a level 80 mon. Far too many things have multiple attacking moves of the same type with no meaningful difference in effect, which does not help them to be threatening.

    If what you're trying to say is that you intentionally made the trainers look like morons, then you've certainly succeeded. In my opinion though, it is very detrimental to the quality of a hack that aims to "make this game more challenging and fun" to not try to give them serious movesets.
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