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    Zir Zerin! I have to you a sign-up for a familiar character!

    Name: Endomorpheus Exoletaar
    Nickname: Endo (Hylian), Exo (Stalfos)
    Age: 17
    Race: Hylian/Stalfos

    Weapon: Scimitar/Sword & Shield

    As Endo is both Stalfos and Hylian, he has slightly varied perks and faults depending on what form he is in.

    Hylian Perks: As Endo is a pretty thin person, he is rather fast and hard to catch. He is not only quick on his feet, but also quick when it comes to acting in battles, after all, someone using a Scimitar can’t be slow, now can they? Furthermore, Endo has the ability to perform healing magic, an important skill in the dimension which he comes from. Also, Endo is able to draw his Stalsword to gain a little more strength and stamina from Exo. This results in that the arm he draws it with gets coated in a thin, bone-white carapace-structure. One of his eyes also turns from blue to bright-red. Endo can only use this ability for a short amount of time however, if he uses it for too long, Exo may be able to take complete control over Endo’s body, thus transforming him.
    Hylian Faults: Endo may be fast, but he isn’t all that strong. His Scimitar is a very light weapon, thus making it almost useless against enemies with armor or a harder shell; instead he focuses more on hitting something’s weak-point. As Endo isn’t so strong, a well-placed attack might send him flying a few feet. That isn’t to say that he has no muscles, he just can’t take hits very well.

    Stalfos Perks: As a Stalfos, Endo’s clothes turn into a – with a lack of a better word – grayish armor granting him an extra layer of defense, he also gains a slightly rusted shield which grants another layer of defense. If he were to have his bones shattered, Exo can rebuild himself over a moderate amount of time, granted that he can find all the pieces.
    Stalfos Faults: If Endo is fast, than Exo is the complete opposite. Due to all his armor and his sword and shield, Exo is quite heavy and has a hard time moving as fast as when he is a Hylian. Okay, maybe the “complete opposite”-part was a bit of an over-exaggeration, but Exo isn’t that fast. He is about a bit slower that an average Hylian. Also, as Exo is just a living skeleton, a well-placed hit to his bones can shatter them easily. Now Exo IS good defensively, but he still has some loopholes regarding that in the form off missing armor-pieces.

    Appearance: Endo’s height is relatively average, standing at 171cm and sporting a pretty skinny build. His hair is sort of dirty blond with a slight hint of swamp-green in it. You shouldn’t be surprised if the swamp-green comes from some sort of spores or something stuck in his hair as he isn’t the cleanest of people. Endo’s face is also a bit smudgy and greenish since he lived in a thick and swampy forest before entering the rift. You wouldn’t call him a pretty-boy right away; you might even say that his exterior is a bit rough. But not rough like he is some sort of super-macho-man, more rough like he just got jumped by a bunch of thugs who violently drove his face – or the whole of him really – into the ground. But after getting to know him and his glad personality, you might find him to look a little better in your eyes than before. The only thing about Endo that doesn’t seem to be in some shade of dark is his eyes. The seventeen-year old sports clear-blue eyes, like the unclouded skies he dreams of at night.

    Now onto Endo’s wardrobe! Geez, what is there to say other than dark, smudgy and darker? Not much I tell you. Endo wears a tunic in a swampy-green color with several smudges on them be it from food or pieces of his slain enemies. His headpiece is a bit shorter than the “OG Hero of Time’s” for practical reasons. Also it has more stitches and patches here and there. For his lower body, Endo wears a pair of baggy pants that once were white, however nowadays they’re more… brownish. On his feet he wears solid leather boots that were brown in the beginning, and still are brown even now. Over his shoulder the sheathe for his Scimitar is strapped, it’s a gray and pretty unfashionable thing to be honest. But at his side is another, far more mysterious sheathe. This one is bone-white, as is the sword concealed within it. This is where Endo keeps the Stalsword, the artifact which can transform him into his Stalfos-persona Exo.

    Now as a Stalfos, things change. Aside from the fact that Endo loses all skin, flesh and muscle structure when he becomes Exo also seems to affect his previously… marvelous wardrobe. Now his clothes are completely switched to an even more unfashionable getup – if that is possible that is. Now a gray and moss-covered armor garbs his body, as it is pretty old, there are some holes here and there as well as missing pieces of the armor itself. His Scimitar is now switched for the bone-white Stalsword and a Shield seemingly made in the same material as his armor.

    Personality: As Endo is actually two people sharing a body, one being a nice and kind Hyrulian, the other being a malicious and vengeful Stalfos, you can guess that he has different personalities. And oh yes are you right. When Endo is, well Endo, his personality is vastly different form when Exo decides to pop in for a visit or two. If you look at the whole picture, you could say that Endo is one bipolar person, and you are right, he can go from being very kind to very… un-kind. His emotions usually shift between very happy and very angry. Even if Endo is pretty good at suppressing Exo, the Stalfos’ sudden waves of pure wrath and hatred sometimes becomes too much for him and he succumbs to it which usually leads to a painful scene consisting of a hysterically screaming seventeen-year old who grips his head as if he was to have a vicious cramp at any moment.

    What do you mean “that’s not an acceptable description”? I happen to think that it’s pretty awesome! But fine, I guess you win… Endo is a person who’s mostly in a bright – but quiet – mood. He has the ability to become friends with people quickly; however he is never the one to initiate a conversation. This is all due to his rather, glorified sense of paranoia. Endo is a person who is most likely to attempt to search for hidden enemies or eavesdroppers whenever he arrives at a new place. He is also a bit silly with his profound ability to over-exaggerate things, in other words, he is great at making a Cucoo out of a feather. Although Endo is paranoid, he also possesses a great love of adventure which can be quite difficult to have with his constant sense of paranoia. To cope with these, he either flips a coin to decide the outcome or just simply ask Exo for advice.

    Now as you might expect, Exo is the quite opposite of Endo. The young man’s Stalfos-counterpart is much more violent than he is. Exo is a being who is full of wrath but also surprisingly easy to compromise with. Just because he is an undead skeleton-solider doesn’t mean that he can’t see a good opportunity in front of him, now does it? That being said, Exo is only in it if the involvement at hand is beneficial for him. The Stafos is also very outspoken, so if he thinks that what you’re doing is COMPLETELY retarded, then he will not hesitate to say so. In fact, he quite enjoys calling people retards. In contrast to Endo, Exo is nowhere near as paranoid, in fact he is so over-confident that, well it’s pretty insane how over-confident he is.

    The thing about Endo and Exo is that certain personality-traits can sometimes transfer from both of them. Like Endo being over-confident or Exo actually being nice. However this is something that RARELY happens.

    History: Endomorpheus Exoletaar was brought into the world where the Legendary Hero had indeed vanquished the evil Ganon into a realm of darkness, never to return again. However, shortly after the hero’s death, Ganon had broken loose from the realm in the mind, but not in the flesh. Less-cryptically, this meant that the evil Lord of Darkness’ body wasn’t ready to break out from the prison. Instead he ended up with a dead and rotting body, full of diseases that would suck up the living soul of anything he touched and then make it join the ranks of him. Slowly, this instance of Hyrule got gradually more and more infected as time went on and after a few years, Ganon and his infected troops were freely roaming the plains and infecting any living individual that they saw.

    Now, there was something written in the lore of this Hyrule about a hero emerging from the depths of a forest with a blade that would banish Ganon for good. Knowing of this legend, brave heroes started to roam the different forests to claim the legendary blade and put a stop to Ganon and his infectious hordes.

    Endo’s hometown was a highly barricaded village in the deeper parts of the forest where visits from Ganon’s hordes wasn’t quite uncommon. Thus it was customary to teach the children of the village how to defend themselves with weapons quite early, as was also the case with Endo obviously. Endo’s childhood wasn’t really different from other kids’; apart from all of the weapons he tried to get good at handling. He went to school like the others, he embarked on small adventures inside of the barricades with his friends, and he was neither popular nor unpopular.

    Suffice it to say, Endo had a relatively peaceful childhood, until one day that is. In the center of the village there was a church-like structure which everyone was forbidden from entering. And due to a series of unfortunate events, Endo ended up getting dared to break into the church. Now he didn’t want to be called a coward, and his strong sense of adventure compelled him to investigate the mysterious structure. So during the night of that day, Endo managed to sneak into the church. Inside there were no benches, no windows, no nothing. The only thing in the church was a pitch-black pedestal with a bone-white sword stuck in it. He wanted to back away, sensing something bad about the sword, but again his taste for adventure got the best of him.

    Endo had gone up to the pedestal and attempted to pull the sword, something he managed with ease. The next thing that happened was the worst experience he had had in his whole life. Screams of people, the sound of a blade cutting in flesh, the splashing of blood flowing rapidly everywhere. Memories of the twisted faces of different humanoid-species and their warped screeches mended with his. And then there were the feelings of pain, wrath and disgust forming in his brain. After the whole process was done, Endo began hearing a voice in his head. The voice proclaimed himself to be a Stalfos, an undead skeleton-warrior whose soul had now decided to rest in the young Endo’s body. When Endo asked for his name, the voice simply replied that he wished to be called ‘Exo’.

    After the incident, Endo started to learn about exactly how dangerous this individual really was. A lot of thoughts about brutally mutilating his friends and family constantly popped up in his head, everything he thought could be heard and commented on by another being. He also learned that this Stalfos could not only influence his thoughts, but also his body. If Exo acquired total control over Endo’s mind, he would be able to transform into a Stalfos wearing an ancient-looking armor. However for one to receive complete control, the other had to be completely unconscious.

    Eventually after learning more about the being dwelling inside his mind and body, Endo began adventuring outside of the safe barricade of his village.

    Ally: Yes. An Occo Jr.
    Ally Name: Burkle
    Ally Appearance: Burkle is an Occo - or an Occo Jr. in fact – thus he mostly looks like a humanoid head with two wings violently flapping on each side. Aside from that, he is also equipped with a small, red bandana.
    Ally History: The story about how Endo and Burkle met is quite the short one. it began with Endo taking one of his usual adventurous strolls outside of the barricade. He had been walking for a while when he had heard a scream of help from somewhere. As he got to where the scream was, Endo found a small, humanoid head floating on a pair of tiny wings. In front of the little critter was a heavily infected creature of Ganon. Feeling bad about leaving this bird-thingy in trouble, Endo made quick work of the creature with his scimitar. The bird-things was very grateful to the heroic deed and presented himself as Burkle, he stated that he had gotten amnesia and wasn’t sure where to go which had made him stumble into the forest and then getting attacked by the infected monster. Since Burkle had no idea where he was going, he had decided to stay with Endo for the time being. The friendship between the two quickly grew and in the end, Burkle decided to stay with Endo for good.
    Ally Perks: As Burkle is an Occo Jr. he has the ability to teleport out of dungeons as long as there is a medium to take him back to the place he teleported from. However, as he is not tied to an adult Occo, it is very difficult for him to find a medium for teleporting, or it would be difficult if he didn’t have his bandana. You see, his bandana is made of feathers from and adult Occo whose origins are completely unknown, however he can only teleport one person at a time.
    Ally Faults: Burkle is a peaceful – and somewhat cowardly – creature which makes him prone to not attack enemies. If they look “somewhat-not-so-deadly” (A term that Burkle has created himself, he is very proud of it) he will most likely try to talk a bit of sense into them instead of fighting them. Unsurprisingly, this backfires most of the time.

    Password: ALL HAIL VAATI!

    Proof of Loyalty: I love The Legend of Zelda. I love the whole series (apart from the CDi ones, but those never happened, hush, hush.) a lot and an RP about it is like a minor dream come true! To not stay dedicated to this RP would require the following of me:
    • Being sick.
    • Being away on a trip.
    • Being swamped with schoolwork.

    All of which I will inform you beforehand about if they should occur.

    RP Sample: “Eeeeennndoooo…” Burkle’s tired voice rung out as the Occo Jr. flew over to his friend who was currently busy with searching some random bushes to see if there were any enemies there.

    “What is it Burkle?” Endo said happily as he poked around with his foot in the stubby piece of foliage. Burkle gave off a slightly displeased look at Endo’s seemingly endless good mood and stayed in the air by violently flapping his wings, waiting for his friend to stop this idiotic search for enemies. They were deep in the woods, very deep and Burkle was starting to get unnerved by simply being here. The place reeked of danger, and they had pretty much no business being there. After a moment of nothing changing, Burkle realized that Endo wasn’t going to move from his spot, so instead he dove in under the young man’s hat to rest. Endo simply smiled and continued searching for enemies.

    After an unfruitful searching operation, Endo was starting to feel a little disappointed, “No enemies?” He said in a displeased voice, “Well I guess that’s that, come on now Burkle, we’re going back to the village.”

    “Good thinking Endo!” Burkle said from inside the hat, he was relieved to finally get out of the deep end of this never-ending forest. But as they began walking back towards the village, something strange happened. Suddenly they could see a light somewhere in the very depths of the forest. Endo curiously observed it and thought that he could hear a soothing melody coming from it. Burkle peeked out and saw the light as well as Endo’s expression, it was clear that he wanted to investigate it, probably to see if there were any hidden enemies inside of that thing.

    “Endo, no!” Burkle said, “We are not going towards that thing! It looks really dangerous and there are definitely no hidden enemies in it!” But as one could expect, Endo didn’t listen all too well, it would be against him to investigate a potential threat to the village, and after all, he was its hero wasn’t he? So Endo started to move towards the light with swiftness and a certain confidence.

    “Ey, boy…” A raspy voice emerged from deep within Endo consciousness.

    “What do you want Exo?” Endo said to the Stalfos. At first, all he got back was a croaking laughter, but then Exo decided to speak up.

    “I’m getting… a bad vibe from that thing.” Exo stated bluntly.

    “Well how fun, because now we’re definitely going to inspect it!” Endo replied happily.

    “Is that so now?” Exo chuckled, “Well in that case I wouldn’t stop you.” The Stalfos continued, “If you die, I’ll just have your body all to myself, if there’s anything left of it afterward that is.”

    “Shut up.” Endo responded.

    As more and more time passed, Endo and Burkle got closer and closer to the light. The melody that Endo had heard earlier also seemed to get stronger, he asked Burkle if he could hear it too, but the Occo Jr. just responded that he couldn’t. It struck Endo as very suspicious; maybe somebody had set a trap for him? Well, if things got ugly quickly he could always call upon Exo’s power even if the Stalfos absolutely despised it when he did that. Eventually, they were right in front of the light and the melody became hauntingly obvious. For some reason though, it compelled Endo, it made him want to get closer to it. And indeed he got closer and closer to it despite the terrified cackles from Burkle and the angry roars bellowing from the depths of his mind where Exo dwelled. And then they just, disappeared into the light.
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