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    I've given a lot of thought to my BW2 team; I want to try out Pokemon I haven't ever used in a main team before so here it is:

    Serperior [Overgrow] (Leaf Storm, Growth, Dragon Pulse, Aqua Tail)
    -Haven't gotten to use Snivy yet; he was my second choice behind Oshawott for a starter in BW. Growth is great in BW, and it allows Serperior to become a good mixed attacker. Dragon Pulse covers opposing Grass-types and Dragons, Aqua Tail for Fire-types, and of course Leaf Storm, fueled by the boosts from Growth.

    Arcanine [Intimidate] (Outrage, Wild Charge/Strength, Flare Blitz, Snarl/Morning Sun)
    -Ever since I found out Arcanine learned Outrage in BW2, I've been wanting to try it out. Seeing how all of its attacks can cause damage to itself, I'll give it Morning Sun when I breed a new Growlithe so I can heal off all its recoil/confusion damage. Switching between Strength and Wild Charge for field moves.

    Magnezone [Magnet Pull] (Flash Cannon/Flash, Thunderbolt, Metal Sound, Tri Attack)
    -Magnezone's much better now than it was as a Magneton in Gens 1-3 since it has access to a great Steel attack, plus it has Tri Attack (great for pesky Ground-types) and Metal Sound for major disruption! I'll switch between Flash and Flash Cannon for field purposes.

    Ursaring [Guts] (Hammer Arm, Ice Punch, Facade/Cut, Shadow Claw)
    -Just yesterday I was watching Game Grumps play Pokemon Stadium and it occurred to me how great Normal-types were; they have Ghost immunity, only one weakness, and can be extremely versatile, so I decided I'd try out a pure Normal-type this time around. I'll switch between Cut and Facade for field purposes.

    Golurk [Iron Fist] (Drain Punch, Shadow Punch, ThunderPunch, Earthquake/Fly)
    -Golurk sounds like a really fun Pokemon to use, with the ability to throw such mighty punches! Switching between Fly and Earthquake for field purposes. See, that's what's so great about BW! You can switch between TM moves freely without worrying about spending money or Heart Scales or even replaying the game to relearn an attack.

    Tentacruel [Clear Body] (Ice Beam/Dive, Sludge Bomb/Waterfall, Scald/Surf, Hex)
    -I've always thought Tentacruel was a cool Pokemon that could cause a lot of disruption, but I've never actually spent a lot of time using it. All the attacks can inflict some sort of status, with Hex ready to finish off the foe. Tentacruel will also act as sort of an HM slave. Gonna have to get one from Dream World, though.