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Clare didn't yell the count, instead she just silently counted to herself. Kale began playing his acoustic guitar, giving a bit of time for Ryan to learn the tune. Instrument wise, the song was repetitive and there were times where the music just played, soothing as waves from the ocean.

"The world is turning out so bright, twenty four hours day and night. Nothing's feelt so grand, I think I'm out of the quicksand." She sang as soft as a breeze, surprising some of the audience. The beat was slow meaning a lot of people doing slow dances were having a good time but many of the louder fans just sat out, still enjoying the song. "When I look into the sky, it reminds me that I'm alive. the stars are bright as a spotlight, like I'm a performer of the universe." She swayed with the song, a flower on stage with a wind of peace. There was a pause in the singing, she let the flow of music ripple through the crowd.

She started the next part, "The entire world is my stage, as I sing to people known and strange, I let their happiness flow through my head as a if all my sadness had fled. I can thank the summers for my life, because even through all my strife I still was raised right." Clare had personally written this song, poured her emotions into it, originally as a thanks you to Kale's family. She sang the song with heart, and joy.

After the song, some of the audience was in tears, the majority clapped. Clare unplugged her microphone, and turned to Kale and Ryan, "You guys did very well!" She said politely and brightly, "I didn't think the harp would work, but I guess I got proved wrong." She laughed and pat Ryan on the back, "Maybe you'll get to play with us again."
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