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    For the first time ever, I've actually managed to test roaming Pokémon! The addition of a couple of debug options (see the locations of all roamers, make roamers roam) helped with that. I haven't tested the actual encounters yet, though, just the roaming.

    I've also figured out how to make cracking ice tiles (the ones you fall through after stepping on them twice) using nothing but an event. See the attached picture.

    Originally Posted by zingzags View Post
    Also I want to try to work on a tic-tac-toe game when I have the time.
    Make sure to add some artificial stupidity to the AI. If it plays perfectly, it can never lose (and it's easy to play perfectly at Noughts & Crosses), which defeats the point of it being a game.

    I prefer to make games where there's no AI involved; it's just you versus the rules.

    Speaking of tile games, there are several to choose from. A tile-placing game (like the Ruins of Alph puzzles mentioned above), a 15 puzzle, a shuffling puzzle (same as a 15 puzzle but with all 16 tiles, and you swap two adjacent tiles around), and so on. Any of these would be fun to have.
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