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    Jimmy Vincent & Alice Crenshaw
    Academy Hallways

    Valorie's Haxorus made quick work of the opponent's Swampert. It seemed the girl had won the round, but then things took an unexpected turn. The boy with singed clothes sent out a Braviary that didn't look in very good shape, as it had many scars and one could tell it felt cramped in the hallways. Well, duh The big bird then attacked Haxorus and took it out of commission. And, as Valorie was grabbing another Pokéball, the Braviary used Scary face on her, stopping her on her tracks.

    Alice glared at the suspicious boy from behind her rebellious-looking cover. She didn't think it was fair for people to use Pokémon against humans, at least not on situations like that. Jimmy shook his head, considering Valorie's opponent a coward.

    The suspicious boy chuckled, and anyone could tell that, with Valorie paralyzed like that, he'd pull a daddy trick. He was up to nothing good. Then, things got ugly, as a teacher laid a hand on the boy's shoulder making him flinch. Not only she broke up the fight, but she asked what had happened. Then, when one thought things couldn't possibly get weirder, the oddly coloured Zorua that was being held by Valorie leaped forward, transformed into a boy, and shouted that the boy was an "R man", and that he was escaping from him.

    Many people were saying stuff about this odd boy, but Jimmy didn't listen. His face was starting to show anger, as he slowly worked out the issue. Rosalyn then confirmed his suspicion after the Zorua's words. He was...part of Team Rocket!

    "Team Rocket?" Alice asked confused, still hiding behind Jimmy. She didn't know who they were, but they certainly weren't a rogue army of Santa's elves whose goal was to give presents to people around the world every single day.

    "Yes. Team Rocket." Jimmy said, then glanced at her. "Stay there. Smokey, watch our backs."

    Smokey did as told, and Biff and Kaida stood guard in front of him. This was certainly getting ugly. Well, ugly didn't even begin to describe it. Jimmy was determined to fight. That kid couldn't have been the only "undercover R man" in the academy. He knew Team Rocket, and sending only one man on a mission wasn't like them. Whoever those kids were, only one thing could be said. They had hung vacancy signs on their behinds, and the rebellious-looking Raikou Dorm student's foot was looking for a room.

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