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    Hee hee, Friendly friends: makes me think of that weirdo Wigglytuff from PMD:Explorers of Time and Darkness. Man, do I love that Wigglytuff! He was cool.

    Anyways, welcome to PC Brianna! I'm Star, also known as Dragon or Jude ☆ Nice to meet you.

    I'm super excited about B2W2 as well! I plan to get White 2 too, since I have Black (and I really want to get a Braviary).

    I joined PC because I wanted to learn more about hacking Pokemon ROMs. But I also hang here because of all the awesome people and Pokemon discussions. We have a lot to offer. Remember, you can always VM a moderator if you have any questions. You can also check out the Adoption Center if you wish to find yourself a mentor. But I think you'll do fine on your own.

    Guess I'll be seeing you around the forums!
    BTW your av is cute! :3 ☆
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