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Originally Posted by Umbr30n View Post
Um... New Topack Topic?

Who in your opinion has the best Move-Pool and why?
Vaporeon and Umbreon both have great move-pools. Vaporeon can learn Aurora Beam, Aqua Ring, Acid Armor, Hydro Pump and Muddy Water while levelling up, though these moves are quite spread out between levels. However, Vaporeon's move-pool gets a serious improvement in Black 2/White 2, with it learning a new move every 4-5 level ups and the addition of Water Pulse. It compliments Vaporeon's high HP and Sp. Atk.

Umbreon, as has been mentioned many times before, has a great move-pool for being an annoyer. Confuse Ray + Mean Look always goes well together, and Moonlight adds to it by restoring HP. Umbreon's move-pool really compliments its defensive stats well!
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