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    Originally Posted by Yuzuru Otonashi View Post
    Been a fan of Pokemon since I was little, and been looking for a new forum with Kanade, so figured why not? As for a favorite Pokemon, I'd have to say Litwick, for absolutely adorable. Favorite types are Fire and Bug.

    Anywho, call me Black, if you would. Here's hoping.
    Hello Black! Are you and Kanade related? Just curious.

    Welcome to the community! You made the right choice here. PC is a great place for discussing all things Pokemon. We're also well known for our fantastic ROM hacks. So if you're interested in things like that, make sure to check it out!

    We also have plenty of fanclubs to cater to all of your favourite types: Fire, Bug, Ghost, whatever! You can find them all in the Pokemon Clubs section. If your favourite Pokemon is Litwick, then perhaps you'd be interested in joining The Haunted House: The Ghost-type fanclub (which I also happen to be a member of, and you can find the link to it in my signature )

    Anyhows, like Golurk said, make sure to read the rules and have lots of fun! Also, feel free to send me a Visitor Message or a Friend Request. I'm always happy to make new friends here! n_________n

    Be seeing you!
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