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I'm very into Norse Mythology. My paintings reflect that, I listen to a lot of Pagan Metal, and I put a lot of time into studying it. Lately I've been naming my Pokémon after Norse gods, places, objects, etc. of Norse Myth.

My last team was:

Pyre, a Typlosion (As in a funeral pyre (kinda Norse-ish))

Yggdrasil, a Sudowoodo (Yggdrasil being the life tree, the center of the cosmology on the religion)

Mjolnir, an Ampharos (Thor's hammer)

Mimir, a Misdreavus (Mimir was a God who was decapitated by the Vanir. Misdeavus can be seen as a floating head... so I thought that was kinda funny..)

Gungnir, a Scizor (Gungir was Odin's spear. Scizor is kinda the tip of the spear of my team)

Kinda generic, so my next team, come BW2 is going to be less so
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