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Originally Posted by Zayphora View Post
Well, Violet is a purple Gardevoir, who is sometimes described as being a dead girl who got sucked into the game and now goes around bothering people. Ava is a black and purple glowing Eevee, and I din't know as much about her, but I do know that at times, Violet and Ava are said to torment a certain person, working together. Violet also often uses Attract and Scary Face on people to get attention. There are various creepypastas about them, and I was just wondering if anyone had heard of them or God forbid had an encounter with them...

Also, what do you guys think of my new Kcalb signature :D
Oo, they sound creepy. No, I've been fortunate enough not to have any such experiences with them, though I am interested... and I hope I never do, unless if it's in a hack... Have there been many encounters with them, cause I'd like to read some.

Love the Kcalb sig BTW! Awesome stuff!! XD
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