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Originally Posted by Bossk749 View Post
I do like the idea for Stealth Rock, but I must wait until White 2's move tutor to be able to do that; I will put it over Gyro Ball, to be honest, as Ferrothorn can survive long enough to have Leech Seed, Spikes, and Stealth Rock set up.

As far as 'Scarfing a Pokémon, I find it unnecessary as my main offensive Pokémon is Jolteon, who doesn't need speed with a Timid nature, base 130 speed, 252 spe EVs.
Ludicolo and Toxicroak perform better in the rain, which why I'm using them on the rain team; Toxicroak gains 12.5% HP every turn from just rain, nevermind the amount from Leftovers, allowing him to set up multiple subs (provided he survives the first hit) which allows him to be able to deliver Focus Punch, which makes him one scary Pokémon. Ludicolo has max HP EVs, Leech Seed, Leftovers, and Rain Dish; this also allows maximum HP recovery, recovering subbed health nicely, especially with Protect; don't forget about the 30% for Burn status with Scald, making Ludicolo an amazing stalker in the rain.
IMO, Ferrothorn is better off not having Stealth Rock, Spikes and Leech Seed all at once because that leaves it as serious Taunt/setup bait. Sometimes it likes the hard-hitting power of STAB Gyro Ball. Having both Gyro Ball and Power Whip at once also makes it less vulnerable to Sap Sipper users.