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Alright, sooooooo, I've been working on a skin :3 This is gonna sound weird, but I'm trying to duplicate vB4 on vB3. Yes, I know, who in hell would want to do that :/
I don't really know, but it was an interesting thing to try so bare with me :(
I can't provide a link cause the skin is hidden till now, but I have a screenshot (actually a page shot per se).
Note that it is yet to be finished. The Top 5 Stats area and everything below have not been finished yet lol.
Huge image incoming:

Also, I fixed the breadcrums so they'd be horizontally aligned, similar to vB4 and as opposed to the branched alignment in vB3.

As you can tell, the forum display page is still vB3 default >__>

Also, this is not a second hand mimicry xD I'll be editing the forum display in the above image to match vB4, the postbits, and profiles. I'm half way through profiles. Well, quarter-way, but yeah:

I re-located the Username, offline/online status, rank bar, reputation and user options to the sidebar, but I still need to change the alignments to switch the two tables and then I have some graphics editing and fonts/colors what not need to be fixed.

Sooo, thoughts? :/
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