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Fiona Cole

Fiona's eyes stared back, but her's showed obvious uncertainty and uneasiness. If Fiona usually perspired when she was nervous, she'd be drenched to the point where even Blaine would probably be standing in a puddle. Aside from bits of whispering, the room was completely silent. It felt like the two had been standing there for ages, neither willing to back down, although Fiona was getting closer with every waking second. In her thoughts, she mused that Blaine was perhaps thinking of a way to forgive the hasty teen. Then, Blaine finally spoke.

"Are you challenging me?" His voice and words especially were far from forgiving, nor were they friendly.

She frowned at him, Of course, when I run into somebody by accident it's always because I want to freaking challenge them to a battle. That was what she wanted to say, but stirring up the pot was the last thing she wanted to do. She decided to choose her words more carefully.

"N-n-" Before Fiona could even manage out a word, a Chansey was making it's way towards the two, well more Blaine than her. The pokémon was holding a tray that contained some pokéballs. Unexpectedly, one of the balls broke open, releasing one of the most stunning, yet intimidating pokémon she had ever seen. The Rapidish's fiery mane looked absolutely, terrifyingly beautiful. It neighed, making it's way towards it's trainer. As it passed by onlookers, it's mere presence caused people to back away. Now she was more enticed by the horse rather than scared by Blaine.

Blaine didn't even bother to look, nor did his expression change when his Rapidash approached him, nuzzling against his shoulder. He spoke again, repeating his previous question, but this time his voice was different. It made Fiona even more uneasy than she already was.

Fortunately, Ms. Joy came to her rescue. She did her best at attempting to defuse the situation, and was at least able to divert Blaine's attention from the teen to her.

Fiona decided to speak up, "Yeah, I'm really sorry," Not, "I didn't mean to bump into you like that, Mr. Blaine. I was just really in a hurry because my Growlithe here kind of got into an incident..."

She held up the pokéball containing the canine, more specifically for Ms. Joy to see than that creep of a gym leader Blaine.