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Update #1 on Platinum.

Name: Sigi (Manager of Seattle Sounders)
Rival: Joey (name of Portland Timbers mascot)
Starter: Torchic (in place of Chimchar)
  • I was able to find a starter editor for Platinum, and used it to get E.C.S. the Torchic, who is my Fan. E.C.S. stands for the Emerald City Supporters.
  • Did the beginning stuff and beat Joey on my way to Oreburgh City.
  • Got E.C.S. to evolve into Combusken before taking on Roark, who fell easily to Double Kick. Season Record: 1-0.
  • Reached Florama City and defeated Mars in the Valley Windworks easily.
  • Caught my Band team member, Sound Wave the Poliwag, who is named after the official Seattle Sounders band, the Sound Wave.
  • Continued on through Eterna Forest to Eterna City.
  • Caught my Star Player, Montero the Tyrogue, east of the city on Route 211. Fredy Montero is the star of the Seattle Sounders.
  • Defeated Gardenia very easily with E.C.S. again. Season Record: 2-0.
  • Both Montero and Sound Wave evolved on Cycling Road, into Hitmontop and Poilwhirl!
  • Explored both parts of Wayward Cave, then went through Mt. Coronet to Hearthome City.
  • Caught my Cheerleader, Sea Gal the Roselia, on Route 208. The Seahawks' cheerleaders are called the "Sea Ga1s".
  • Unfortunately, our team suffered its first blemish against Fantina, who defeated us with Mismagius' Confuse Ray and its plethora of coverage moves.
  • I did get revenge the second time I fought her, but: Season Record: 2-1.
  • Moving on, I defeated JOey again, then arrived in Solaceon Town.
  • North of the city on Route 215, I hacked in my Mascot pokemon, Blitz the Skarmory, who is named after the Seahawks' mascot, Blitz (duh).
  • Scaled Lost Tower, then fought our way to Veilstone City.
  • After some vitamin shopping, we challenged the gym, and defeated Maylene easily with Montero's Fake Out/Return/Counter combo and Blitz's Pluck.
  • Season Record: 3-1.
  • Saved just before the double battle with Dawn against the Grunts.


Team Sigi:

Montero the Impish Hitmontop, ♂ - L30 @ Amulet Coin
Ability: Technician
Moves: Return, Counter, Fake Out, Foresight

Blitz the Bashful Skarmory, ♂ - L30
Ability: Sturdy
Moves: Pluck, Spikes, Steel Wing, Defog

E.C.S. the Careful Combusken, ♂ - L30
Ability: Blaze
Moves: Ember, Bulk Up, Double Kick, Rock Tomb

Sea Gal the Bashful Roselia, ♀ - L31
Ability: Natural Cure
Moves: Magical Leaf, GrassWhistle, Giga Drain, Leech Seed

Sound Wave the Modest Poilwhirl, ♂ - L30
Ability: Water Absorb
Moves: Bubblebeam, Body Slam, Hypnosis, Rain Dance

HM Slaves:
- Cut, Rock Smash