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    Adeline Densetsu
    Divine Water

    In a flash, Tsurara had his face up to Adeline's, and it was flushed with anger. He yelled loudly in their father's defense, but all Addie did was glare back at him. Get out of my face, she thought. After a few seconds, her brother's face returned to its regular color as he calmly explained why he thought what Addie said was unacceptable. Even with all the things they had, Addie wasn't exactly the happiest person to have ever lived. If their tower and belongings had all been suddenly snatched away from them, Addie just couldn't see herself giving a damn. Tsurara then mentioned that he believed their mother had been the cause of the feud in the first place. Quite frankly, Addie couldn't even remember what was the original cause of this fight.

    "I think Seraphina's putting up a good example... We should rest. As for her apprentice, there's plenty of non-royalty family members in the lower levels of the tower. Maybe we could call a family meeting," Tsurara said, sitting back in his chair. Oh no, please no, not another meeting. Those meetings were always incredibly awkward and in Addie's opinion, repetitive and tiresome. She looked at Tsurara and realized that his eyes were closed. Adeline just wasn't in the mood to sleep, though it would be pointless to stay here, because despite having a lot of her own opinions on the issues her brother had brought up, she was just at a loss for words. She was probably overtired at this point. She looked down at the little demon in her arms and then looked back at her siblings in the infirmary, both of them calmly sleeping. Addie'd kill them both were it not for the great deal of **** she'd get from Father and all the others in the family. Sighing, she returned to her room and immediately set down the little girl and her link on the pile of clothing on the floor. Not even bothering to change into a nightgown, Addie threw herself onto her bed and gazed up at the ceiling for what seemed to be days, weeks, months, years...
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