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    Nika Valentine

    It took a while for the world to put itself back together, and when it did it seemed to have done it the wrong way around. She was standing with her back to the ground, staring down the sky. Sounds seemed muted, as if her ears were stuffed with cotton wool, but they started to return gradually.

    Groaning she tried to lift her arm. It felt like a lead weight, too heavy for any person to use. What had happened?


    Pineco? What did that mean? She tried to focus, thoughts skimmed across the surface of her mind like stones. That was it. Pineco.

    Mark told me. They explode when they get worked up. Should have paid attention.

    Of all the things to land her in such a spot it was hubris. With a grunt she pulled herself into a sitting position and squinted through the grime on her glasses. The empty lot she and the boy had been about to battle on had a small crater, but otherwise seemed undamaged. The explosion must have been relatively small, but all four pokemon were knocked out.

    Sage will be more truculent than ever now...

    Giving herself a look over Nika checked that she had no injuries, relieved to find herself whole. There was no sign of her flatcap though, it must have flown away on the hot air. If that was the worst result of this battle, she was grateful. The Raikou boy was getting to his feet, looking extremely stunned.

    "Are you okay?" She asked from where she sat.

    Nika winced. His hearing seemed to be taking a bit longer to come back than hers. If he had some sort of long term damage she could be in a great deal of trouble back at the Academy...

    "I asked," she spoke up, "if you were okay."
    "Oh! Uh, I think so! My ears are ringing! Are you okay!?"
    "I'm fine." Nika got to her feet carefully, not wanting to rush herself. "I'm sorry about Pineco. I never meant for him to use Self Destruct."
    "Uh, it's okay, I guess! We all gotta learn! I'M GONNA TAKE MY POKEMON TO THE NURSE!" He called out, unnecessarily loudly, and called his pokemon back to their pokeballs.

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